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Tuesday, 16 November, 2021
Long-term viability of our properties | JP Management Apartments (25 Fairmount Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601, Washington)

JP Management’s goal is to revitalize surrounding neighborhoods of New Jersey, such as Hackensack,
Elizabeth, and Paterson, by providing significant capital investments to neighboring assets. By
rebranding, renovating, and redeveloping our acquisitions,...
Monday, 11 October, 2021
Change Agent | JP Management Apartments (25 Fairmount Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601, USA, Washington)

JP Management’s overarching goal is to be a change agent within New Jersey communities, beckoning
residents, and communities toward opportunity and financial growth. By serving many communities all
over the state, we can continue to passionately pursue ...
Saturday, 18 September, 2021
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